To help you buy energy-efficient products you'll be happy to own and use, TopTen USA has partnered with alaTest, an independent aggregator of expert and consumer product reviews. If alaTest has collected reviews for a product on the TopTen site, you will see an alaTest score and you will have the ability to click through and read the reviews. Because they are not produced by our own experts and consumers, TopTen takes no responsibility for the quality or content of the reviews. Here is how alaTest presents its process and content:

What We Do

alaTest is a unique service helping consumers with their shopping decisions by objectively informing them about product quality. We are totally independent towards product manufacturers, retailers and review sources.

alaTest empowers you as a consumer by:

  • providing you, at no cost, with valuable product quality information conducted by professionals representing over 1600 reliable sources
  • helping you to understand millions of product tests available both online and offline through an objective standardized quality rating calculation
  • simplifying your purchase decision by aggregating professional reviews, a quality rating, product specifications and the lowest price available in local markets

Why Do It

alaTest is a free and independent product quality comparison engine created for consumers who look for simple and objective product information.

Today’s vast array of products can be overwhelming. Questions such as what product, what brand, what version and for what price are not longer easy to answer. Therefore, alaTest wants to help by providing unbiased product quality information. We do not test any product ourselves; instead, we have developed one of the fastest growing databases in the world with professional tests. This database is continuously updated with new tests and reviews that are matched with product specifications and prices provided by our network partners - all with the purpose of informing consumers in a simple, effective and objective way.

What is an alaScore™?

As thousands of tests and reviews are published in the world - both online and offline - many products are rated differently by various sources. As test criteria and rating scales vary between test sources, understanding a test result can be quite confusing for consumers. alaTest tries to simplify things by calculating a global, objectively aggregated product quality rating called alaScore™.

alaScore™ is a complex algorithm that recollects different product quality ratings from reliable sources, standardizes them and develops them into the most unbiased result currently available in the market. To find out more about alaScore™, please read click here.

Who Are We?

alaTest is a web service developed by International Consumer Services Sweden AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. ICSS AB is an independent company, owned by the two founders Arie Struik and Peter Björk, and private investors. We have an international team of co-workers from Europe, the US, and China. Today we have offices in Berlin, New York and a back office in Wuhan (China). We are continuously improving our sites hoping you will find the service helpful.

We have only one mission: "Inform consumers worldwide about product quality".